Stillworx RAW Powders. Refined, reliable, repeatable highs.

Stillworx RAW Powders are food-grade, water-soluble whole extracts that deliver rapid, measurable effects within 10–15 minutes. They’re clear, odorless, tasteless and stable for 18 months, making them the perfect ingredients for edibles, beverages, baked goods, candies and more.

Reasons to Believe

Colorless and Odorless

You bring the flavor

Dissolves Completely

No sediment or gunk

Measurable Effects

Every float feels familiar

Shelf Stability

Minimal degradation
No refrigeration required

RAW Powder

Stillworx RAW Powder. Ever-evolving and customizable.

Via our water-soluble technology, at Stillworx HQ we’re able to convert a number of plant derivatives into food-grade, dissolvable Stillworx RAW Powder. Convert THC, CBD, crude, delta-eight, terpenes, melatonin, and more, into water-soluble powder, stable for 18 months. Our RAW Powders are perfect for edibles and beverages, and because they dissolve completely, you get the same, full, measurable effects every single time. Bring us your ideas, we’re experimenting weekly.

RAW Powder with THC

Stillworx RAW Powder with THC. Refined, reliable, repeatable highs.

Stillworx RAW Powder with THC is a food-grade, water-soluble powder that delivers rapid, measurable effects within 5–10 minutes. A whole THC extract, including all of the cannabinoids, straight from the plant. It’s odorless, tasteless and stable for 18 months, making it the perfect ingredient for edibles, beverages, baked goods, candies and more. And because it dissolves completely, every float feels familiar.


It takes a village to grow a 21st century industry and we’ve got no plans to leave any time soon.


Stillworx products use only the finest natural ingredients – and that includes our electricity.


Stillworx offers a consistent, high quality experience every time.

Customizable RAW Powders for ever-refined creations.

You can use our water-soluble RAW Powder technologies to extract a range of potent plant derivatives.

RAW Powder with Delta Eight – for mellow delights.
RAW Powder with Melatonin – for winding down.
RAW Powder with Terpenes – for a more nuanced high.

The sky’s the limit. Ask us about the possibilities.

Dissolves to nothing but a feeling.

THC, CBD, crude: whatever you’re refining, the result is a 100% water-soluble powder, perfect for edibles and beverages. No sediment. No aftertaste. No masking agents. Just a consistent float every time.

Use it for:

• Tinctures
• Topicals
• Nebulizers
• Teabags
• Capsules
• Baked goods
• Gummies
• Premixed drinks
• Tablets
• Mix-at-home drink powders
• Suppositories
• Anything you like!

Every ingredient approved by The Man.

All our ingredients are food-grade, FDA-approved, vegan, and listed in the Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS) USA database. Certifications our Legacy-grower predecessors could only have dreamed about.